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Project Area: 35000㎡
Decorating Material: Solid Aluminum Panel

Project Information

    Shanghai F1 International Racing City curtail wall project,with a covered area of 250,000㎡and total investment of 2.654 billion RMB,is located in Zhangxiang Road,Jiading District,Shanghai.The project is undertook by Tike ,a company from German that is appointed by the International Auto Association,led by Contemporary Design Group Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute, while Shanghai Civic Design Institute and Shanghai Civic Research Institute participating in relevant design. Racing,especially F1 Formula Racing,represents speed and hi-tech that other sports can never compare.,the skillful design can be proof of that.The design of the project is a inheritance and development of China's traditional culture and the extension of long story. The project combines innovation and the extension of tradition perfectly together through shapes,colors ,gloss and materials.Main stand ,car maintance area,control tower,administrative tower,sky restaurant,news center, are centered as the building complex,show ing the wildness and magnificence in Chinese culture.New s center and sky restaurant are located on each side of the main stand,looking like a flying wings hanging over the racing field,decorating"上"shape racing track..The idea of transmitting apertures is drawn from Chinese lantern,the main color red and yellow each stands for fortune and strength.