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Project Area: 11000㎡
Decorating material: solid aluminum panel


    Project description: Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center is permanent site of China-ASEAN expo, cover an area of 567000 square meters, is design by Germany GMP design conpany and Guangxi construction design and research institute. The design of  Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center's buildings is very unique and special. These buildings are erected lean on the mountains, looks very grand and majestic.

    Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center is composed of main building, convention and exhibition square, folk music square, administration building, the main building cover an area of 152100 square meters, including conference hall, exhibition hall and large banquet hall. For conference hall, meeting center, multi-function hall, work place, etc are included, there are 14 difference size meeting room, fully functional sound reinforcement equipment, 10+1 simultaneous interpretation system, TV conference system, public broadcast system, security system, computer network system, news center, etc. These can meet the requirements of national or international convention, business negotiation, academic report. Multi-function round hall cover an area of 3000 square meters, it can contain 1500 people, is a good place for holding large conference, expo, banquet, culture activity, etc. The banquet hall is composed of dining hall which can contain 1000 people, 34 private boxes, having elegant decoration and comfortable environment. It is a ideal place for holding banquets. for expo, there are two floor exhibition halls, having 15 difference size exhibition halls (the biggest exhibition hall is 8100 square meters), expo center cover an area of 48000 square meters, it can contain 3360 international standard booths and 300 non-standard booths. The administration building cover an area of 15800 square meters, including work place, multi-function exhibition hall, storage, and a conference hall which can contain 300 people. Adding to multi-function hall which contain 110 booths, administration building multi-function hall which contain 203 boooths, and meeting square, the main building exhibition hall cover an area of 80000 square meters.

    Otherwise, Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center include a large parking lot which cover an area of 35600 square meters, can park 1000 cars and a 170752 square meters folk music square. The folk music square can hold difference activities, including cultural activity, entertainment activity and expo. Folk music square is the main venue of annual Nanning international folk music arts festival, which can contain 35000 audiences.