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Project Area: 5000㎡
Decorating material: solid aluminum panel


    Danfeng gate site demonstration is the first staring big scale single project in the construction of Daming palace site, the whole project is contracted to China state construction group. Danfeng gate site demonstration project use steel frame to renew Tangdai Danfeng gate's grand original feature, this project will be a bright beautiful scenery in Daming palace site park. Inner space is built to be a museum which still conserve the original style, and remain the value of visiting and archaeology research.

    The gate of opening Tangdai's glorious history--Xian Changan city Daming palace Danfeng gate site. Danfeng gate is Daming palace's south front gate as well as a place that king celebrate his name day, reign changing, announce amnesty, etc. The north of Danfeng gate is opposite to Daming palace's Hanyuan temple, there is a more than 600 meters gallery through Danfeng gate and Hanyuan temple, and Danfeng gate street is in the north of Danfeng gate which was widest street in past, the length is 1500 m, width is 176 m. Danfeng gate site now located in the north of Xian railway station and the north of Ziqiang east road, it still remained length 60m, width 30m, height 2m's gate ruin before unearthed. In 2005, Chinese academy of social sciences' archaeology research institution sent a work team to unearth Danfeng gate ruins, the uncover squares are about 8000 square meters.