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Project Area: 52000㎡
Decorating material: solid aluminum panel

Project information:

    Xiamen International Logistics Center is located in south west of Xiamen's comprehensive bonded zone which in the crossing between Dongdu road and Huli Ave. Xiamen International Logistics Center covers an area of 4200 square meters, the total building area is 157000 square meters, total investment is 800 millions, which is an comprehensive inspection and logistics service centre that integrate with port inspection and clearance service, modern logistics garden administration and logistics enterprising, business service.

    Xiamen International Logistics Center buildings are magnificent, mixed Minnan's architecture  with modern architecture, the building profile looks grand. The elegant, curved big roof helps people to imagine Minnan's unique scenery. Winding corridor, chamber among five buildings not only enrich the shape and space, but also correspond Xiamen's unique weather condition. Xiamen International Logistics Center, the whole building is taken Minnan red bricks and stones as materials which endows strong local characteristic and steady figure.

    In the tide of Xiamen west coast business development, Xiamen port will accomplish integration, and try to become an international port which can operate 10 million GPs and 100 million tons.

    Xiamen International Logistics Center is a most advanced new inspection and logistics service centre round Xiamen west coast, it will supply "one--station" clearance and logistics service. Dongdu inspection and clearance centre which was very famous because of first creation will be a big part of Xiamen International Logistics Center.

    Xiamen International Logistics Center just like super ship which undertake Xiamen's pivotabililty, multi-function, landmark public logistics and inspection service projects, this ship will sail and will bring Xiamen's international logistics business to a new age.