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Project Area:: 25000 ㎡
Decorating material: united glass cladding

Project information:

     Shanghai Science and Technology City is located in HuaMu administration district of culture centre in PuDong, near by PuDong centre park, and the YangGao road station of metro line 2 is set in the front door. As a comprehensive science and technology pavilion, to cater to the theme "nature, human, science and technology", Shanghai Science and Technology City is comprise of Shanghai science and technology pavilion, astronomy pavilion, nature museum pavilion. Shanghai Science and Technology City is invested 800 millions RMB, project cover an area of 68000 square meters, and the total building area is 96500 square metres.

    The exhibition area of Shanghai Science and Technology City include universe pavilion, life pavilion, wisdom pavilion, creation pavilion and future pavilion, these pavilions are represent the original inorganic world, the origin and revolution of life, human's wisdom, creation and power, and the future world that we look forward to. Universe pavilion refers to earth, astronomy and science,

astronavigation technology. life pavilion refers to modern medicine, biological technology,foundation agriculture, etc. Wisdom pavilion refers to education, nature science and the main  reason  of  engineering. creation pavilion refers to chinese antique technology, nowdays advanced technology. Future pavilion shows some hi-tech movies, use sound, light, electricity and virtual  technology   to arrange some science activity. Otherwise, science and technology city also have public activity centre, TV-station, science knowledge market, and other comprehensive facilities.