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Project Area: 12000㎡
Decorating Material: Solid Aluminum Panel

    Project information: Guangdong Olympic Gym is located in the south of Guangdong Olympic Sports Center, Tianhe district, Dongpu town, Guangzhou. This project cover an area of 300000 square meters, it can contain 8012 audiences.

    Guangdong Olympic Gym adopt ribbon type design, the roof is composed of two 11000 tons' steel frame plates from east and west side. The graceful ribbon-shaped roof like orient dragon dancing in the sky, represent Guangdong's ascending in new century. Every bleachers is like petal, if put all together, it looks like the city flower--common bombax flower. Wherever the audience stand in , they can catch clear sight of sports ground, and enjoy the sports.

    The combination of graceful ribbon and petal help Guangdong Olympic Gym to be attractive landmark of Guangzhou. The torch which represent human perserveve spirit and human pursuit of bright is suspended between two roofs. It is composed of spiral girdle, and is fixed by span wire. The location of the torch is in the same line with sports center and sport ground, so torch can be seen in anywhere .

    Not only can Guangdong Olympic Gym hold international high-grade events, but also set up sports science and technology center, news center, medicine inspection center, sports club, chamber, market, hotel, and large leisure, entertainment, rehabilitation facilities. After completion, combining with Guangdong Olympic Sport center, Guangdong Olympic Gym will become a large sports and culture center which integrate with competitive sports, mass sports, tourism, medical rehabilitation, entertainment.